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Arkaim Advisors

Emerging Markets Corporate Credit Specialists

About Us

Arkaim Advisors Ltd provides investment and research expertise within emerging markets corporate credit universe. We help clients access absolute return opportunities in high yield corporate credit and distressed debt where deep due diligence and rigorous scrutiny can yield significant alpha. Arkaim takes pride in taking a very conservative approach to risky asset classes, characterised by meticulous bottom-up credit analysis delivered by an investment team focused solely on assessing corporate credit and recovery risk. 

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Credit-quality oriented risk management

Concentration on downside analysis

Team-based decision making

Taking advantage of market volatility

True diversification

How It Works

Credit Analysis

We believe that thorough issuer selection by rigorous, bottom-up credit research will, in the long run, produce superior returns with lower volatility. Through our in-house forensic research we aim to achieve maximum transparency in order to properly identify and value risks.

Team Based Decision Making

Team-based decision making is key in taking high quality investment decisions. We use the knowledge, experience and expertise of every team member for every investment decision in order to asses risks from multiple professional viewpoints.

Risk Management

Risky asset classes have to be managed in a conservative way with strict limits and controls. We look past traditional measures of volatility and value risk on the basis of credit quality and recovery analysis in order to turn volatility of the markets to our advantage.


Why Emerging Markets High Yield Credit

Expending investable universe with around USD 1trn outstanding

Lower volatility than developed markets high yield credit

Equity-like performance with lower volatility and smaller drawdowns

Lower corporate gross leverage

Diversification away from developed market risks

Lower default rates than developed markets

Emerging Markets Corporate High Yield Credit

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